Alissa (theotheralissa) wrote,

Kanjani8 - Yoko/Ohkura (1 hour challenge fic)

Random Yoko/Ohkura porn for the 1 hour calendar challenge. :D

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"They're getting wrinkled... ahh," Yoko says. It isn't a very convincing complaint when he's moaning at the same time. Ohkura rubs the front of Yoko's pants and the feeling of Ohkura's hand against the soft fabric makes him painfully hard in moments.

"Don't care," Ohkura breathes against Yoko's neck.

It's wrong for so many reasons. The main ones being that Yoko's shoot is in less than an hour and Ohkura has him basically trapped in his trailer. It's late and they've had enough downtime between pictures during the day, but Ohkura had to pick just now to get so forward. There isn't anything Yoko can do to stop him - it's so good, Ohkura's long fingers tracing over his erection, squeezing occasionally and licking the side of his neck. And why would Ohkura care? His shoot is over, and he was supposed to look messy anyway. Yoko runs his hands down Ohkura's back, partly because his shoulders are mostly giving out, and his thumb gets caught in one of the holes in Ohkura's net shirt.

"Don't have a lot of time," Yoko says. He's nearly panting and his hips move into Ohkura's hand, wanting more. Ohkura laughs. It doesn't matter much to him. Then he drops to his knees and Yoko gasps when he feels Ohkura's teeth through the fabric.

"God," Yoko hisses through his teeth.

Someone knocks at the trailer door and it feels like everything around him shakes.

"In a minute!" Yoko coughs, then looks down. Ohkura looks up at him, grinning. Then he squeezes hard and starts to pull down the zipper.

This is how Ohkura is. He wants what he wants when he wants it. It's like he hasn't grown all the way up yet, and he doesn't seem eager to start either. He has no inhibition when he has something on his mind, and Yoko thinks about the Ohkura he knows every day and resolves it with the one down low between his legs. Ohkura is also surprisingly good at things when he wants them badly enough. It's almost achingly slow, the way he moves his teeth over the fabric, and Yoko exhales hard when Ohkura finally lowers the zipper.

Ohkura runs his tongue along the head of Yoko's cock and it feels amazing, but it makes Yoko nervous in a weird sort of way. Someone else will knock soon. And someone will notice that his pants are horribly wrinkled when he finally does make it outside. And it's Tacchon with his mouth open wide, taking Yoko's cock inside inch by inch.

Yoko holds on to Ohkura's already messy hair. He wants it faster, almost just wants it over with because he's already so close and this is bordering on teasing. Ohkura's head moves back and forth, still too slow, but in a steady rhythm. Yoko holds on for stability, his knees feel weak and his head is swimming.

"Tacch--" He doesn't even get half of the name out before he comes. Ohkura digs his fingers hard into Yoko's ass and Yoko throws his head back, breathing heavily into the air.

Then he's back to reality, where he has a shoot in minutes, now. Ohkura licks his lips and Yoko notices that he's jerking off, kneeling on the floor.

Yoko gets down next to him, not caring anymore if he gets his knees dirty and he kisses Ohkura hard while Ohkura comes.

It's a little awkward when Yoko meets Ohkura's eyes. And even worse when someone does knock at the door again and yells "five minutes!" frantically. Yoko looks at Ohkura for as long as possible. Five minutes, he thinks, he'd rather be getting Ohkura out of his clothes.

Ohkura shrugs at him. "You look good in a suit?"

Yoko stands up, smooths out his pants as best he can and brushes off his knees. "You gonna be here when I get back?" Yoko asks, swallowing.

Ohkura doesn't answer, just leans against the wall, but he smiles at Yoko as he walks out the door.
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