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Random porn drabbles - Ryo/Ohkura, Yoko/Maru

Um. PORN. >_>

Title: EVERYWHERE!!! (1)Between Friends
Fandom: Kanjani8
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryo/Ohkura
Disclaimer: This is a fictional situation that never happened.
Notes: For bloodybrilliant. ♥ First installment in the EVERYWHERE!!! series where various members of eito do various things in various, um, places. XD First up is Ryo/Ohkura. \o/ Iso's fic is here and you must read it because lskdjf. ♥

They're outside of a bar, in the stairwell leading up to the street, when Ohkura kisses Ryo against the concrete wall. It's cold on Ryo's back and hard against his shoulderblades, but he lets Ohkura kiss him that way until the door handle starts to move. Ohkura doesn't seem to care much, but he's much more drunk than Ryo, so Ryo laughs, pushes at Ohkura's chest and says, jokingly, "Your place or mine?"

Once the stairwell is clear again, Ohkura shrugs, kisses Ryo again and says, "Mine is closer." Ohkura tastes like every drink he's had that night and the cab ride is hell with Ohkura's hand creeping further up Ryo's thigh.

Ryo has been here before. Subaru is like this when he's drunk, too, but he never really means anything by it and usually goes home alone. Ryo wasn't entirely serious, suggesting they go home together, but he supposes he wasn't completely joking either. Especially now that he's hard, painfully almost, as Ohkura runs his hand over the front of Ryo's pants in the back of the cab. Ryo breathes against Ohkura's neck with his chin on Ohkura's shoulder, then they finally arrive in front of Ohkura's apartment and wind up in the stairwell again. Ohkura's hands cup Ryo's ass and he squeezes while he kisses Ryo's neck. It's not cold concrete, this time, but he's pressed between the wall and Ohkura's body and it's hot, too hot for him to think, he just needs for Ohkura not to stop, that's all. He lets Ohkura lead him inside, holding onto his waist.

Ohkura's apartment is surprisingly clean. The last time Ryo was over, there were DVD's strewn around the TV and blankets piled on the couch. Ryo remembers teasing him about it, and he almost makes a crack about it when they walk inside, but Ohkura's mouth is hot against his before the door is even closed. It's okay, he thinks, this kind of thing between friends.

It isn't teasing, with Ohkura, it's more that Ohkura's just never in any hurry. But sometimes Ryo wants it faster, so he pulls Ohkura back with him onto the couch so that Ohkura is heavy on top of him. He holds onto Ohkura's back and rolls his hips up and when Ohkura's hands slide down slowly between them, Ryo pulls one of them down, past his belt, and gasps into Ohkura's chest when Ohkura's long fingers wrap around his cock.

"Do you want me to...?" Ohkura asks. Not that he needs to.

Ryo pushes up into Ohkura's hand and asks, "What do you think?"

Ohkura smirks a little before sliding down between Ryo's legs and dragging Ryo's pants down with him. Ohkura pumps a few times, and Ryo leans his head back against the armrest, sweat trailing down the lines of his neck. Then Ohkura holds onto Ryo's thighs, takes as much as he can into his mouth and Ryo holds onto the back of the armrest and makes a muffled sound into his arm.

Maybe it's good that Ohkura is so slow and deliberate because Ryo thinks if he always had it his way, it might be over too fast. He has to fight not to thrust into Ohkura's mouth. He holds onto Ohkura's head, his hair tangling around Ryo's fingers, and wills his body still against the feeling of Ohkura's lips, his tongue, his teeth just barely grazing the head.

"Just... mmm... like that," Ryo breathes, panting hard.

Ohkura swirls his tongue around. It's unexpected and makes Ryo shudder. Then he really can't stop his hips from jerking up. Ohkura holds onto Ryo's waist and Ryo comes unexpectedly, doesn't feel it until it's too late and spilling onto Ohkura's mouth.

Ohkura licks his lips and keeps stroking Ryo's softening cock, looking right into his eyes, and Ryo wants more, just watching him.

"Come here," Ryo says, then Ohkura is lying on top of him again, his erection pressing against Ryo's stomach and Ryo takes it in his hand. It doesn't take long, but feeling Ohkura's tight breath against his ear, feeling the sharp movements of his hips, and god Ryo thinks he might get turned on again. But then it's over, wet and sticky on Ryo's hand and Ryo kisses Ohkura's jaw until Ohkura stops trembling.

"I'll get a towel," Ohkura says, his knees buckle a little when he finally stands up.

"Yeah, you're into cleaning these days, huh?" Ryo laughs.

"Shut up," Ohkura says with a grin.

Title: Like This
Fandom: Kanjani8
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yoko/Maru
Disclaimer: This is a fictional situation that never happened.
Notes: For araanaz9. ♥ Because she is wonderful. An omake to A Little Comfort that Gen made me write. XD ♥

It's okay if Yoko just wants to be his friend, Maru thinks, because that's what they've always been. The only thing that really scared him was the thought that they wouldn't be, that he'd taken a stupid chance and ruined it all. But with Yoko sitting back on the couch like he's relaxed and comfortable again, Maru wonders if maybe this wasn't just a baseless fear. They've known each other too long, been through too much.

He's in the kitchen, closing the refrigerator door with his knee when Yoko comes up behind him. He turns around, too suddenly, and Yoko's lips are against his.

Maru nearly drops the can in his hand, it slips through his fingers and he holds on tight to the end. Yoko's arms wrap around him and Yoko pulls him so close that all he can feel is Yoko's body hot against him. Yoko takes the can out of Maru's hand and sets it on the counter and Maru laughs a little. "Sorry," he says.

Yoko kisses him and it's wet and a little sloppy, but hungry like he wants more. Yoko presses Maru so hard into the refrigerator and Maru's hands are on Yoko's waist and he realizes he wants more too. It feels better this time, easier, like maybe it's okay for them to do this. Maybe it's okay for him to want this.

Then Yoko's finger slips down past the waistband of Maru's shorts, maybe by accident, and Yoko stops suddenly, like he isn't sure either.

"Do you want to..." Maru starts. Yoko leans in again. "Do you want to go to my room?" Maru asks against Yoko's mouth.

Yoko sits on the mattress, smoothing out the sheets at his sides and Maru stands an arm's length away.

"This is gonna sound really stupid..." Yoko says, but Maru sits down next to him and kisses him. Because, he figures, the best thing a friend can do before you say something stupid is stop you from saying it in the first place. Yoko's arms wind around Maru's back and his fingers end up in Maru's hair. They get so close that their chests are pressed together and Maru just hopes that Yoko has forgotten whatever it was.

It seems like he has, because he starts to lie Maru down on his back and Maru doesn't stop him, even starts to pull on Yoko's shoulders so they're lying down together. Maru's lips start to feel raw but he doesn't want Yoko to stop kissing him, doesn't want Yoko's hands to stop traveling down his body.

"It's okay," Maru says when Yoko gets to his waistband again. "Really, it's okay."

Yoko swallows, audibly. Maru guides Yoko's hand into his shorts and Yoko hesitates a bit before he starts stroking slowly.

"Mmm," Maru breathes and spreads his legs apart for Yoko's benefit, then he rolls the bottom of Yoko's shirt between his fingers for a while then lets his hand travel underneath.

"Can I?" Maru asks, much more timidly than he intends.

Yoko nods, eyes wide, and is completely hard by the time Maru's hand is between Yoko's legs. Maru pulls softly a couple of times, then harder and Yoko closes his eyes and his breath catches in his throat.

He kisses Maru, hard, his fist moving faster and Maru does the same until they're both breathing hard, foreheads pressed together. Yoko comes first, and he buries his face in the crook of Maru's neck, then Maru follows, breathing into Yoko's hair.

It's a beat before they can look at each other. Maru stares at the ceiling, wondering who is supposed to say what. He wants to reach out and make contact again because he doesn't want to have to regret this.

Then Yoko breaks the silence. "I like this," he says. "I think."

Maru's palm lies face up at his side and Yoko holds onto it. Then Maru feels warm again, he closes his eyes, tired and still.

"I think I do, too," Maru says.
Tags: kanjani8, maru, ohkura, ryo, ryo/ohkura, yoko, yoko/maru
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